What Inspired “The Rebirth”?

What inspired the EP, “The Rebirth”?

“I released this project on my birthday back in 2017. What I went through had changed me, and saw things in life from a different perspective. I had just endured, maybe, the worst year of my life, with 2016 not trailing too far behind. I was, and still am, great with keeping my cool and composure. Things couldn’t and still don’t get to me easily. What ever life hit me with I just brush it off. If I could rewind time and avoid it, I would not because it shaped me into a better person.”

“I realised that people are never satisfied, and will turn on you or stab you in the back under certain circumstances. Well, I had learned these things already at an early age, but I feel like life has ways of reminding us. It doesn’t matter if it is your significant other, a family member, a bestfriend, or coworker I believe most people, maybe nine out of ten, have a price tag. Difficult situations, especially financial troubles or even financial gains, will make people you have known of been with for years seem like total strangers.”

Kid Riko