Kid Riko Changes The Release Date For “TCCE 6”

Photo of Hip Hop Artist Kid Riko, Taken by Geoff C.

As anticipation rises for the release of Kid Riko’s EP titled, “That Cool Clever Emcee 6”, the witty wordsmith makes a last minute decision to change the release date. Initially set to release on July 6th, the album is now set to release on August 31st after Kid Riko made the decision to increase the number of tracks from 5 to 9.

Kid Riko posted to his social media saying:

“For those who’ve been keepin’ up, the new release date for TCCE 6 is now August 31st. I’m adding a few more tracks to it. Instead of 5 songs it will be a 9 track project. In between now and the release in August, I will drop a couple tracks from it.
Also, we will be releasing the music video for, “Don’t Bother Me” soon too. Keep ya eyes peeled! And thank yall..”