Kid Riko Releases a New Single From His Upcoming Album, “Get Off Me”.

Cover Art For “Get Off Me”

“Usually, the people who are most insecure about their own flaws are usually the ones to point out the flaws in others. It takes the microscope off of them, if there is one over them. Maybe, it just makes them feel better about themselves. Most people have skeletons in the closet, big or small, but some are very quick to drag out those of others. When the shoe is on the other foot, or stones are thrown back at their fragile house, they want to play victim or the innocent one. Also, many people seem to be easily manipulated and many seem to try to manipulate others. A lot of creativity is stunted becuase most tend to follow what is considered the norm or popular, instead of steering things to a different direction; or by simply just being oneself. However, the few who usually stand out from the crowd are often the most and hardest critiqued. Being unique makes others want to make you conform to what the norm is, but they then ironically rob you of your uniqueness making it their own once they convince you to fall back in line.”

“A lot of people would get further in life if they minded their own business a bit more than they do to others. They watch another build, giving their opinions and thoughts on how the structure should look, or they may joke about what that person is constructing. That person does not realize that as they pay attention to the other person, time is passing them by. Before they know it, the other person has completed a structure, and they have nothing.”

Kid Riko